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Equi BlaSTER

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·Saves on shampoo (Up to 60% less shampoo)
·Cuts bath time in half
·Prevent injuries from bending over too long
·Compatible with various garden hoses

Why you need the Equi BlaSTER?

Deep clean

Mud, poo, sweat, as you wish, it will disappear. Equi BlaSTER is strong enough to penetrate a horse/pet's fur and clean it as thoroughly as possible.

Equi Blaster,8-i-1 Express Cleaner,foam launcher

Save on shampoo

The unique design of the Equi BlaSTER allows you to use up to 60% less shampoo than using a traditional soapy bucket. It does this while still achieving better coverage than the bucket approach.

prevent injuries

The Equi BlaSTER prevents back injuries by preventing you from having to constantly bend over to dip the rag into the bucket.

Equi Blaster,8-i-1 Express Cleaner,foam launcher

Easy to use

This really is the easiest and most fun way to bathe a horse/pet. Both you and your horse/pet will enjoy bath time.


ABS Plastic 

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8.27in length / 5.91in wide

Packaging List

1 x Equi BlaSTER


Does it work with any hose?⁣⁣

Yes, we provide a FREE adapter in the box you can easily twist on or twist off so you can use the Equi BlaSTER with absolutely any and every garden hose.

Does it work with any shampoo?⁣⁣

Yes, any type of shampoo will do.